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Drunk, tired, full-of-cold self portrait of the artist feeling drunk and tired and full of cold on the train home for Inktober no. 10

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Inktober no. 9 is a picture of my friend wearing samurai armour made from anime box sets. I had intended to do another drawing that wasn’t an injoke but I’m ill and I feel awful so I didn’t…

"…Aaaaand… One of those shields please…"

Just started playing OoT and it might possibly have affected INKtober no. 8…

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Inktober no. 7.

Been doodling wizards all night, one of my favourite things to draw…

So I guess today’s inktober is this weird sketch I did of Paullywood and Barely Marely from the Grim Britesque Bakedown, a program I have never seen…

Today’s inktober is a bit rubbish but I am ill and I feel rubbish

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Inktober no. 4 I guess

An incredibly loud woman who sat right behind me in a cafe today.


Couldn’t post this yesterday due to my phone battery dying last night, but here is INKTOBER NO. 2!!

A short comic detailing my struggle to transport my sisters bike up to her so she can cycle to uni. A tale of terrifying freewheeling, awkward staircase manoeuvring, and anxiously hoping nobody steals the bike every time the train stopped at a station.

"You’re not getting Boy With Apple"
“Well how’s that supposed to make me feel…?”
One of my favourite films