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.I so very love Arrested Development. This is my homage

Hopefully you’ll see a bit more art from me now I have some free time.

Holy mother of Mary-Kate and Ashley, I actually made some fecking art for once… Bet none of you were expecting THAT!?

Thanks for sticking with me guys u_ u

Trying to be productive and make plans for my future very quickly degenerated into procrastination doodles… #sketch #doodle #pen #fox #tea

#doodle  #sketch  #fox  #pen  #tea  #beans  

I’d like to thank you guys a lot for sticking with me the last year or so. I have posted very little art, and that’s rubbish (I can tell it’s rubbish because I’ve lost about 100 followers. Man cannot live on dog gifs alone…)

But I have a relatively half decent reason for my absence! I’ve been back at university doing a masters and working ridiculous hours. This film is the fruit of that labour.

I was a big part of the preproduction of this, character design, story boarding and concept, as well as rigging and animating the creature. Oh, and I guess that weird lanky guy in the glasses? That’s me too… Everything else was thanks to my outrageously talented colleagues.

I hope you all enjoy it.

My friend asked me to draw a picture of a sheep riding a tricycle for her dad’s birthday and then this just sort of happened…

Not sure how I feel about this palette, the colours are so close together in terms of tonal values that it made it really hard to make anything stand out… Still kinda pleased with the outcome though. Thanks for the request, anon!

Sorry this took so long, it’s been a hectic week and I’ve not been well. Also, this was hard as heck. Colours are hard… Big thanks to hythmknwy for the suggestion!

Uploading this again because for some reason the resolution was really small on the ask? Hopefully this works better.

User kaniehtiio requested I draw the mighty Mightyena in colour palette 6. I am rusty and not very good with colour but here it is! Cheers for the request!

Tonight I took the pieces from a pre-existing Lego set and used them to build a new car of my own design. Boy do I know how to party…

Pac Man, it’s pronounced Pac Man! #sketch #bulbasaur #pokemon