Last page of my sketchbook filled… Get to start a nice fresh one on the first of the month!!!

I drew some fishermen for no reason

Dog doodles while I was on the phone

Self portrait of the artist with no legroom and a poorly chosen chair. I need a new desk. I need a new chair. I need new legs…


Yuhki idemer

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oh-captainxmy-captain asked: If you made that loose seal/Buster Arrested Development poster into something I could buy, I WOULD BUY THE SHIT OUT OF THAT. IT'S AMAZING.

Hello! I actually have a Society 6 account, which no one has ever bought anything from before haha… But just for you, I have uploaded the poster to the site. I can apparently turn art into any of the following: prints, t-shirts, hoodies, tank tops, phone cases, greetings cards, pillow cases, tote bags, mugs, maybe some other stuff I dunno…

I didn’t create the piece with the intention of printing it on anything, so unfortunately it might be a little small for some of that stuff, but if you want anything in particular please let me know and I’d be happy to try and sort it out!

Society 6 account:



Today we’ve reached over 500 followers! Thus, we decided that this is an excellent occasion to hold our first give away!
To take part simply reblog this post and you’ll get a chance to win a set of goodies straight from Denmark’s animation heart!

The rules are nice and simple:
only reblogs count (spread the love!), however no giveaway blogs are allowed!
- you don’t have to follow us, but it would be extra sweet if you did!
- your askbox must be open in order for us to contact you - remember that you’ll have to share your name and address in order to allow us to send you the prize; all post will be paid for!

At 7pm (GMT +2:00) on September 25th we will choose 5 winners using random number generator and contact them immediately after drawing the lucky people – remember to have your inbox open!

If a person won’t reply within 72 hours another winner will be chosen.  
The goodie set contains – TAW DVDs, collection of the student’s latest magazines, stress ball, postcards and buttons – everything to have you covered as a true animation lover!

Good luck!

We’re halfway there! 8 more days to go :)


Big dogs who think they are lap dogs

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.I so very love Arrested Development. This is my homage

Hopefully you’ll see a bit more art from me now I have some free time.


Holy mother of Mary-Kate and Ashley, I actually made some fecking art for once… Bet none of you were expecting THAT!?

Thanks for sticking with me guys u_ u

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