Drunk, tired, full-of-cold self portrait of the artist feeling drunk and tired and full of cold on the train home for Inktober no. 10

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Inktober no. 9 is a picture of my friend wearing samurai armour made from anime box sets. I had intended to do another drawing that wasn’t an injoke but I’m ill and I feel awful so I didn’t…


these little brains, so angry all the time!

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i hope i look as good as aragorn when i’m 87

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the fourth set of commissioned unusual dragon hoards ! looks like the breakfast and comic book hoarders might be cousins huh ? ? 

(part 1) (part 2) (part 3)


…I knew a guy with a hoard of dice, it makes sense, in retrospect, that he must have been a dragon.

I know this isn’t Pokemon, but I love these to death. 

The dice dragon looks so happy to just be sitting there holding a dice.

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A really quick #inktober 8. A little caricature of the Kaidonovsky’s.

Just slowly drawing the entire cast.

"…Aaaaand… One of those shields please…"

Just started playing OoT and it might possibly have affected INKtober no. 8…

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Inktober no. 7.

Been doodling wizards all night, one of my favourite things to draw…

guyplayfair asked: If you could hug any Doctor Who writer, which one would you hug? I think personally I would go for Robert Shearman, he looks cuddly and that beard would probably feel nice rubbing on your head. Russell T Davies also looks quite huggable but his propensity towards suits and lack of facial hair might not make it as pleasurable as Mr Shearman.


I would like to hug all the women who have written for Doctor Who since 2008. All of them! I would start with…

What, nobody?  That can’t be right…. (goes off, puzzled).

So I guess today’s inktober is this weird sketch I did of Paullywood and Barely Marely from the Grim Britesque Bakedown, a program I have never seen…